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Safe, Clean Water for the Whole Family

Choose from our wide range of water filtration and treatment solutions that ensure clean water for you and your family.

Harvesting rainwater is a great way to save money and reduce your ecological footprint. At G-Store, our goal is to make it easier for you to make the best decision when looking for the most efficient water filtration and treatment system for your home. We have an in-house team of experts that will look after you from first contact all the way through to authorising, installing, and monitoring your system for years to come.

G-Store is a trusted local business since 2007, but our history with our neighbour and sister store Gottlieb’s Builders Supplies goes back 50 years. For more than a decade now, we have partnered with the world’s leading water filter and treatment systems suppliers so we can provide you with only the very best products backed by long warranties.

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Significant savings on water bills

Better water quality and taste

Sustainable water supply

Reduced ecological footprint

Value added to your property

Backed up by long warranties

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is a method of collecting run-off water and storing it for later use.

Compared to harvesting dam water, which requires an extensive treatment process to ensure that the quality of water is fit for human use, rainwater harvesting requires processes that are much simpler but equally effective.

With the right equipment, you can filter and store a sufficient amount of clean, clear, and odourless water which can serve several various purposes around your home, including drinking water.

Why Harvest Rainwater?

Harvesting and using rainwater provides so many economic, social, and environmental benefits. For one, this practice of harvesting your own water supply for some or all of your requirements at home helps reduce your dependence on mains water.

By opting to use rainwater for toilet flushing, washing the car, washing your clothes, and watering your garden, your mains water usage may be significantly reduced by 70%. And if you start supplying your hot water systems with rainwater, this reduction can further increase to 85%. Lower mains water usage means lower water bills.

Some people prefer to use rainwater for health-related reasons. There are those who prefer rainwater for drinking, as these do not contain chemicals used to treat mains supplied water. Rainwater is also a better option for those who live in areas where the mains water is salty, hard, contains heavy metals, or has an unpleasant odour.

Save money while saving the environment

Reduce mains water usage by up to 85%

Improve your health with less chemicals

6 Benefits of Rainwater Collection


It is absolutely free


Rainwater is a relatively clean source of water


It is an environmentally sustainable alternative

Self Sufficiency

It promotes self-sufficiency and helps conserve water


You have total control over your water supply


It provides a reliable back-up source of water for emergencies, like bushfires and droughts

Rainwater Filtration and Disinfection

Although rainwater is one of the cleanest sources of water available, water filtration and disinfection are essential to ensure the cleanliness and quality of water for your home.

Leaves, dust, insects, and animal droppings are present on rooftops, the primary surface area for rainwater collection. If silt and leaf debris are left to accumulate in your tank, these will eventually decompose and produce unpleasant odours and discoloured water.

A pre-tank filtration ensures that unwanted debris are kept from entering your rainwater water storage tank. The disinfection process is vital in creating quality drinking water. Some of the disinfection processes are UV light, chlorination, ozonisation, and membrane filtration.



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Australian owned, 50 years of history​

Why Choose G-Store?

G-Store was established back in 2007 as an energy and sustainability specialist, and we’ve been here providing great solutions to Australians looking to green up their act ever since. With offices in Melbourne and Gippsland, we’re an established Victorian business with a proven track record of great advice, expert service and quick shipping. We have a number of relationships throughout Australia with tradespeople as part of our exclusive trade network, meaning we can also help organise installation alongside our general sustainability supply business.

G-Store, a name you can trust

With our great brands, service guarantees and high quality products - you can trust G-Store Water to deliver a great result with exceptional after-sales support. Don’t just take our word for it, read the reviews from happy customers.

Creating a green future

Harvesting your own rainwater is one of the best ways you can help make a sustainable future, as well as saving your hard earned dollars.

Australian Owned

G-Store was established in Victoria back in 2007, and we remain proudly Australian owned and managed.

Supplying only the best brands and products

We make sure the suppliers we work with have great, quality products which we can rely on. We've been providing the best service possible and this has given us the ability to have great relationships with suppliers.

Trusted network of installers

We only work with experienced and specialised installers who we can trust to deliver on our promise. All our installers have the necessary accreditations to make sure our clients have the best possible experience from purchase to delivery and installation.

13 years of history and counting

Experience counts and we have the experience to ensure you are provided with expert advice and a great solution.

How to Optimise Your Rainwater Harvest

Rainwater is an excellent source of clean and environmentally sustainable water for your home – with an efficient water filtration system. Start reaping the numerous benefits of harvesting rainwater and save money in the process.

Our team of experts are here to guide you in assessing which equipment best suits your household’s needs, so you can make the best decision.

Call us on 1300 766 940 or send us an email at info@gstore.com.au today.



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Speaking to G-Store founder Dion Epstein

G-Store founder and Managing Director, Dion Epstein, spoke to Tim Reid, founder of The Small Business Big Marketing Podcast as part of the Yellow Web Series.

Tune in to see Dion take Tim around our Malvern East showroom and warehouse and learn about the green ethos that launched G-Store in 2007, through to where we are today.

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SOL-TA Series | Twin Alternating High Capacity Water Softeners

The SOL-TA series “twin alternating” water softener provides uninterrupted softened water even during regeneration. The SOL-TA series is recommended for industrial/commercial use or where continuous softened water is critical for the protection of valuable equipment. The SOL-TA series provides more than just twice the capacity of the SOL60 or SOL45. Because it can regenerate many times per day while still producing soft water, it is ideal in situations with high or variable water demand.

  • Large capacity separate resin and brine tank.
  • Fully automatic operation. Just add salt.
  • Weather resistant cover for controller.
  • Weather proof transformer.
  • Optional bypass valve available (WTV5000)
  • 1” connections means minimum pressure loss.
  • Stores system configuration and operation data in non-volatile memory.
  • Can also remove traces of metals such as copper, lead and manganese.


Mach Overdrive Commercial Filters

A commercial filter offers efficient, reliable, low-cost operation – eliminating the need for timers with non-electric design. The full port size offers maximum flow with minimum pressure loss.
  • Corrosion, heat and moisture resistant
  • Filtered water is used to backwash the system,
  • Maximises both media performance and improves water quality.


Davey SpaPower Spa Control

Davey has a wide range of SpaPower controllers available, so that you can create your ideal spa experience with an easy-to-use spa control panel. View our Spa Pool Controllers selection guide for more details on the features to ensure you choose the right model for your needs.
  • Designed for portable spa pools
  • Heater and a controller.
  • Poolside touchpad operatable, with spa temperature control and read out displays.
Call G-Store on 1300 766 940 today or send us an email at info@gstore.com.au to learn more about how you can start saving!

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How much can you save by filtering your own rain harvested water?

Significant long term savings

A well designed rain harvesting system can supply most of your household water needs, which will provide ongoing savings and long term returns on investment.

Compare your ongoing water costs with the once-off costs associated with setting up your system.

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