Australian Made & Owned

Ausdrain is a Trusted partner in Stormwater Management

Australian made and owned

Ausdrain™ specialises in the manufacture and distribution of drainage cell products and modular underground tanks for rainwater harvesting and stormwater management. Widely adopted across civil works, construction, commercial and residential developments, use Ausdrain™ Australian manufactured stormwater solutions on your next project. With over 20 year’s experience in modular stormwater management solutions, Ausdrain™ is trusted by specifiers across the country. Contact the G-Store team for advice, support or supply on your next project.


Septic Leach Drainage

Ausdrain™ leach drains are practical, cost-effective and easy to install.

Horizontal Drainage

Manufactured in Australia, enjoy uninterrupted supply of our drainage cell

Filtration Solutions

View our range of filtration, cleaning and maintenance solutions available exclusively through Ausdrain

Rainwater Harvesting

Our rainwater harvesting tanks help conserve nature’s greatest resource, water

Infiltration Tanks

With up to 95% void storage, you can reduce your tank’s size by up to …

Onsite Detention Tanks

Our onsite detention tanks can be customised to fit your projects dimensions

Bio-remediation Tanks

Our bio-remediation tanks help treat polluted run-off from roads and carparks

Vertical Drainage

Our Walldrain™ vertical drainage cells are a favourite with landscapers

Tunnel Drainage

Our dimpled sheeting is bacteria and rot resistant and made from polypropylene

Surface stabilisation

GEOHEX™ Soil Erosion Control System now available from Ausdrain

Frequently asked questions

What makes Ausdrain different?

Aside from our commitment to our clients and partners through our dedicated Technical Sales and Customer Service Teams, Ausdrain is proudly Australian owned with quality Australian made products. We can directly control the manufacturing quality and aren’t impacted with offshore supply chain issues. Our clients enjoy quality products, fast.

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How do we compare to other well known brands in the market?

Our products are engineered for strength and manufactured from premium post-industrial grade Reprolene™. As a recycled polyproplyene, Reprolene™ allows us to provide an environmentally friendly product that doesn't compromise on strength, product design life or quality. For more specific information on our products we encourage you to speak with our Technical Sales team to find out how our products can be used on your next project.

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Are Ausdrain products manufactured in Australia?

Yes, Ausdrain proprietary products are manufactured locally in Sydney, Australia. We are proud to provide job to local Australians and supply quality Australian made products to both domestic and global partners.

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How much cover do I need with EnviroModule™2 tanks?

It depends on the application of your underground tank - cover requirements differ for non-trafficable or landscaped tanks, to medium or heavy duty tank. Contact the G-Store team for advice.

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G-Store offers a range of Ausdrain products

Providing stormwater solutions you can trust for over 20 years.

We supply a diverse range of projects in Australia and overseas including building and construction, landscaping, roads and civil works, tunnels, sports fields, race courses, councils, residential and commercial developments and sub-divisions.

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