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Having your personal means of harvesting rainwater and using it around your home gives you much greater independence.


Round Water

Poly Water Tanks 13500 Litre Round Water Tank

  • Capacity: 13,500 Litres
  • Engineered to last
  • Large storage capacity

Round Water

Tankmasta 25000 Litre Round Tank

  • Capacity: 25,000 Litres
  • Diameter: 3,580 mm
  • Total Height: 2,960 mm

Round Water

Melro 24000 Litre Round Tank

  • Capacity: 24,000 Litres
  • Diameter: 3,500 mm
  • Total Height: 3,000 mm

Great brands at Great prices

As leading retailers of round polymer plastic water tanks across Victoria, G-Store stock the best range at affordable trade prices for your peace of mind. When space is not any issue and you just want the maximum storage capacity, a round plastic tank is still the cheapest solution. With a huge range of available colours you can get just the look you want for your property.

Why choose a Plastic Water Tank? Plastic water tanks give you a durable solution with highly flexible designs, lots of colours and a huge range of sizes. A round water tank suits larger properties, like homes with big backyards or businesses with industrial or cordoned off space.

Say goodbye to inflated water bills

Since the drought in the early part of the 21st century, water tanks have become a uniform feature across the state of Victoria. We know how to save water, and what is good for the environment is also good for our wallets.

That’s because Victoria’s highly temperamental weather means that having a standing tank system throughout winter means that there is plenty of opportunity to store and save water to be used at times when the sky is cloudless and the sun is out.

An effective water management system is all about forward planning, and having tank water in reserve is particularly important economically and can help take the burden off your home or business when the utility bills arrive at the end of summer.

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Why Choose G-Store?

G-Store was established back in 2007 as an energy and sustainability specialist, and we’ve been here providing great solutions to Australians looking to green up their act ever since. With offices in Melbourne and Gippsland, we’re an established Victorian business with a proven track record of great advice, expert service and quick shipping. We have a number of relationships throughout Australia with tradespeople as part of our exclusive trade network, meaning we can also help organise installation alongside our general sustainability supply business.

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