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G-Store is Victoria's Exclusive Atlantis® Distributor

G-Store chooses to work with Atlantis® products because of their strong structure, highly effective drainage and lightweight properties. Atlantis® products are so successful that the drainage cell has become a landscaping industry standard.

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Why Atlantis®?

The Original Drainage Cell since 1986

Since 1986 Atlantis® has introduced innovative products that created industry standards in the landscape and stormwater sectors worldwide. Atlantis® is the inventor of the Atlantis® drainage cell and flat pack modular tanks that are now in use in over 50 countries.

Atlantis Standard 30mm Flo-Cell®

Atlantis Titan 50mm Flo-Cell®

Atlantis Flo-Vault®

Atlantis® Stormwater Applications

In highly urbanised areas where there are less permeable surfaces, tremendous amounts of polluted stormwater is generated during heavy rainfall. The increase of new developments in urban, commercial and industrial sectors increase the flood risk and if left unchecked will overburden existing stormwater infrastructure.

Atlantis® products are developed to facilitate innovative stormwater management techniques without the need to add heavy aggregate as drainage. Not only this, they are an environment-friendly and sustainable water management solution for all industries.

Atlantis® Stormwater Applications

Atlantis® underground water tanks are designed to meet a variety of applications.

The Rainwater Harvesting Tank has proven effective in providing a regular clean water supply for domestic and commercial applications. This system is a great approach to sustainable living.

The Infiltration Tank System manages stormwater run off in permeable or semi permeable soil conditions. Water is cleaned and filtered before it is allowed to recharge the water table providing moisture for surrounding vegetation. This application uses Atlantis Flo-Tank® Modules.

Onsite Detention Tanks O.S.D are required by many councils for new developments. Onsite Detention Tanks attenuate the flow of the new developments thus relieving the pressure on the existing stormwater infrastructure.

Stormwater Drainage Solutions

Using Atlantis Flo-Cell® technology, our customers can achieve a range of stormwater drainage solutions.

Horizontal Drainage for pavement, gardens and other landscaping application.

Vertical Drainage for underground car parks, basements, retaining walls and seepage cutoff trenches.

Road Drainage for roads, highways, residential sub division roads so that road runoff can be infiltrated to recharge groundwater, released at a controlled rate, or recycled for irrigation.

Granville High-End Apartment Tank

One of the results of urbanization is the increase in impervious surfaces and decrease in vegetation, resulting in an increase in runoff into our waterways. Read more to learn how well balanced green architecture is implemented in this high-rise building.

Under Decking

See how Atlantis® Flo-Cell® is used to create sleek and fashionable decking drainage – leaving the client with an entertaining service to be proud of and a drainage system worth crowing about too.

New Permeable Pathways Observatory

The brief was to provide paving which was in keeping with the heritage nature of the site, while meeting the accessibility requirements of today. It was necessary to match the existing red granite with a product which would be long lasting, low maintenance and easy to traffic. Read more how Atlantis® Gravel Cell provided the solution without sacrificing the look of the heritage site.

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